The Descendants of August & Katharina Feuerbacher

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Our ancestors, August and Katharina Feuerbacher, landed in the United States on June 22, 1852 arriving from Germany. Settling in Brooklyn and raising four children, they began a family here in the United States that today has over 400 members .

August & Katharina's story, and that of their family, is as American as Apple Pie. From Civil War Stories to little anecdotes, we hope to archive and preserve their legacy here at for all of our family to enjoy.

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Our Family

Great-Grandpa is just a few clicks away!

Find many of your relations in this directory, connecting all the family lines, generation by generation.

About the Feuerbacher Family

About our large, crazy family :)

Old Family Photographs

What did Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma look like?

Sent in by our many cousins for all of us to enjoy!

The Feuerbacher Family Reunion

Held July 10, 2010 in Napanoch, NY. Over 60 family members in attendance.

Origins of the Feuerbacher Name

Fewer.. Feuer... back.. er?

Where did this crazy name come from anyway?

Family Get Togethers

What do you mean you're my third cousin once removed?

Some Feuerbacher cousins meet for the first time.

Family Documents

Ugh... Paperwork...

Someone has to do it!

All sorts of documents, birth, marriage, and death certificates... from the NJ and NY State Archives

Kongen, Germany

The home of our ancestors, August & Katharina Feuerbacher, and their familes for centuries.


Feuerbacher Forum

A place to talk with family members and ask questions!


Newspaper clippings announcing the death of one of our family members.

TheCivil War

Give 'em hell Gus!

The Civil War Service (1861-1865) of our ancestor, August Friedrich Feuerbacher.

Including all of his paperwork from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

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Our Facebook group page, showing all the updates to the website and new research finds.

Family Homes

Where did our family live? Click here and find out!

 About Me

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Why the Feuerbachers?

 Out of all the things to make a website about... why make one about the Feuerbachers?

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